Refugees arrive into towns and cities with a wide range of different integration support needs and capacities.

To ensure that both refugees' and host communities’ needs are identified and met in the most effective and efficient way possible, SHARE advocates centrally coordinated partnerships for local integration support that include a wide range of relevant local actors encompassing local, regional and national government actors, direct-service providers, schools, religious institutions, local business owners, refugees, NGOs, etc. .

Follow the links below to find out more about how SHARE conducts research and brings together local integration actors at European, regional and national level, in support of building local partnerships for better integration:

·      Regional and national roundtable meetings (forthcoming)

·      Regional coordination for local integration partnerships: Look & Learn Visit to Sweden (forthcoming)

·      SHARE Cross-Border Conference (Aachen, September 28 2015)

·      French Stakeholder Meeting (Paris, June 24 2015)

·      Belgian Stakeholder Conference on Refugee Resettlement (Brussels, June 23 2015)

·      National report on French resettlement 2013-14