Migrant and refugee communities, including previously resettled refugees, contribute to European resettlement programmes in a number of fundamental ways: supporting new arrivals, acting as volunteers and employees of civil society organisations, providing input for the development of services for refugees and other migrants, and acting as advocates for resettlement at the local, national and European levels.

SHARE has involved refugees as partners since the network was established, initially as expert speakers and participants, in project consultations and in the development of resources and publications. The SHARE 'Voices of Resettled Refugees' video series further enabled resettled refugees to communicate their reflections on resettlement to a wide audience of stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

During 2014-16, SHARE implemented the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador Programme, in which nine previously resettled refugees from cities in eight European countries promoted their city's resettlement achievements, and advocated for more and better resettlement at the local, national and European levels. SHARE advocates for the increased involvement of refugees as decision-makers on programmes which directly impact their communities.

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