Recognising the need for new approaches to address global displacement and the few opportunities available for refugee resettlement, the European Resettlement Network has broadened its scope of activities to include research on complementary pathways of admission for refugees to Europe. This has led to the publication of a series of Scoping Papers and feasibility/policy studies within the framework of the EU-funded ERN+ Project “Developing Innovative European Models for the Protection of Refugees and Providing Support to New Resettlement Countries”.

The Scoping Papers aim to further investigate the potential for the development of complementary pathways of refugee admission to the EU, a field so far little explored, and to inform and guide relevant discussions with a variety of stakeholders. They analyse examples of existing programmes for the admission of refugees in Europe and elsewhere, presenting commonalities and specificities, as well as attempting to define success factors and challenges in the design and implementation of such initiatives. 


The Scoping Papers

Private Sponsorship in Europe - Expanding complementary pathways for refugee resettlement

Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe - Expanding complementary pathways of admission for persons in need of international protection

Student Scholarships for Refugees: Expanding complementary pathways of admission to Europe


The most recent studies build on the scoping exercise of existing practice and key considerations to provide insight into the feasibility of developing the three complementary pathways. The Private Sponsorship takes the French context to explore the potential for establishing more sustainable private sponsorship programmes in France, with some general observations for other European States. The Humanitarian Admission paper explores the main components and offers commentary on the various important considerations for Humanitarian Admission of Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe. The Higher Education Scholarships paper offers a reference tool for interested stakeholders to expand and strengthen existing programmes and, in particular, to establish new programmes. The paper includes a short case study on one EU Member State.


Feasibility and Policy Research 

Private Sponsorship Feasibility Study - Towards a Private Sponsorship Model in France

Humanitarian Admission Programmes - Expanding and Increasing Pathways to Protection

Higher Education Scholarships for Refugees: A reference framework for expanding protection and solutions opportunities through complementary pathways of admission to Europe