ERN+ Project

Building on the experience that the European Resettlement Network has gathered since 2010, the follow-up project ERN+ (2016 - 2018) seeks to reflect the complementarity of these pathways with existing resettlement programmes and highlight the increased need to expand the European protection landscape. Three main forms of admission are examined: community-based private sponsorship programmes, student scholarship arrangements, and other humanitarian admission schemes. Enhanced Family Reunification modalities are examined as a cross-cutting dimension in private sponsorship as well as in programmes involving visas issued on humanitarian grounds (for protection-seeking purposes).

Using the established structure of the ERN to communicate and inform on such pathways of admission, the project aims to bring together national, regional and local government, international organisations, civil society, think tanks, academia and diaspora. Through a series of webinars, targeted roundtables and focused feasibility studies, the project identified possibilities for the implementation of pilot projects in selected European countries, while also further expanding the ERN community of practitioners and stakeholders. The project builds upon the experiences and the lessons learned in order to identify opportunities for their incorporation as more permanent features of international protection in Europe.

The partners