EU Resettlement Network

Developing and strengthening resettlement programmes throughout Europe requires exchange of knowledge and sharing of expertise and experience between all stakeholders and at all stages of engaging in resettlement.  The current joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC Europe ‘Linking-In EU Resettlement’ project continues the network-building activities of our previous ‘Practical Cooperation’ project, culminating in the formal launch of the EU Resettlement Network at the EU Resettlement Skills Share Day.

The new EU Resettlement Network provides a framework for actors from EU institutions, governments, NGOs, regions, cities, municipalities - and resettled refugees themselves - to develop resettlement capacity, knowledge and practice across Europe, in the context of the new joint EU Resettlement Programme and the establishment of new resettlement programmes in Member States including Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria.

We are delighted that the EU Resettlement Network has established ‘Resettlement Saves Lives – 20,000 for 2020’, a joint, NGO-led campaign initiative advocating for an increase in the number of resettlement places provided by European countries.  You can pledge your support for the campaign, download resources produced by the project and keep up-to-date with planned events and activities at our new EU Resettlement Network website at

We invite you – our network members – to join the ever-growing European resettlement family, and look forward to working with you develop a successful and sustainable EU Resettlement Network for the future.