SHARE Network Magazine Issue 1 - February 2014

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ICMC Europe is pleased to announce the publication of the first SHARE Network Magazine.  Introduced by Bernard Ryelandt, Chair of ICMC Europe, with a foreword on the growth of the SHARE Network since its launch in March 2012 and the importance of cities' humanitarian commitments, the magazine is the first in a series of 6 electronic editions planned during 2014-15.  In this edition, you can read about:

SHARE Project Partners – including a ‘Partner in the Spotlight’ features on the EUROCITIES network

The SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme

SHARE in the media – media exchange on resettlement and the SHARE Network's partnership with Czech National Radio

SHARE publications and resources

SHARE events – including SHARE Network partnerships with the Committee of the Regions, the city of Lyon and Forum Réfugiés.

• Discussions and conclusions from the SHARE Network Conference in October 2013

Consultation with SHARE partners, participants, and stakeholders

We welcome your comments, feedback and input on this edition of the SHARE Network Magazine, and your ideas and suggestions for forthcoming issues.  For more information, please contact Magdalena Boehm (