Look & Learn Visit - 11-14 June, Copenhagen, Denmark

During June 11-14 2012, ICMC Europe - together with the Danish Immigration Service, Danish Refugee Council and the municipalities of Faxe and Faaborg - organised a ‘look and learn’ visit to Denmark for participants from new and emerging resettlement countries. 

Assisted by the Danish experts and those from established resettlement countries including the UK, Iceland, the Netherlands and Sweden, the 4-day visit programme guided participants through the two main components that make up the ‘internal cuisine’ of the Danish resettlement programme – from resettlement quota modelling and management, through to the partnerships and innovative practice that shapes the implementation of resettlement programmes at the local level.

During our classroom learning time in Copenhagen, our expert partners in the Danish Immigration Service presented the Danish resettlement quota model, and described how responds to global resettlement needs by facilitating the arrival of resettled refugees via both dossier and mission selection.  ICMC Europe provided the comparative European context for the Danish quota model, and facilitated participant discussion about the international, national, regional and local partnerships that can and will support successful resettlement programmes within their specific countries.

2 days of site visits to Faxe and Faaborg municipalities included meeting with an employer of resettled refugees and touring the factory workplace, discussing integration support with local integration services and the Danish volunteers that assist them in their work and visiting a school working with refugee young people.  The programme also provided opportunities to meet with previously resettled refugees from Afghanistan, Burma and Bhutan and to hear about their experiences of travelling to and settling in Denmark.  The programme also facilitated expert input from the European Commission and practitioners from experienced resettlement countries including the UK, Sweden and Iceland.

The final day of the visit highlighted successful approaches to volunteering in resettlement, and enabled participants to discuss and reflect on the transferability of approaches and practices developed by the Danish programme. Participants were also presented with further opportunities of involvement in the EU Resettlement Network via the website www.resettlement.eu and ICMC’s SHARE project. All participants pledged future actions and ambitions based on their learning during the previous 4 days – photos, pledges, presentations and materials from the visit will be made available on the website during July 2012.