Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors!

During 2014-15, ICMC worked with our partners UNHCR and ECRE and local/regional stakeholders working on resettlement across Europe to recruit 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors from 7 European countries. 

Read on and follow the links to find out more about who they are, and how and why they're involved...


Filmon was resettled to the city of Antwerp with his family from Shousha camp in Tunisia in 2011.  Follow the link to find out more about Filmon and his work with the SHARE Network, including a short film he made together with ICMC and SHARE partner the Belgian NGO Caritas International.


Originally from Bhutan, Kamala was resettled with her family from Nepal to the Danish municipality of Faxe in 2008.  Kamala participated as an expert speaker at the European Resettlement Network 'Look & Learn' Visit to Denmark in June 2012, and introduces herself by saying 'I am currently studying for an MSc in Global Refugee Studies, and I am now in the final semester completing the research for my thesis. I recently completed an internship in Denver, Colorado, where I very much enjoyed working with Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains.'   Kamala is the newest member of the Ambassador team - check back here for more news on her work with SHARE in the coming weeks and months.


Zukhra is a young artist originally from Uzbekistan and now living and studying in Paris.  Follow the link to find out more about Zukhra's work and why she chose to get involved in the Ambassador programme.


Abdulkareem and his family are originally from Iraq, and were resettled to the German city of Munich in 2009.  Abdulkareem has been a longstanding partner of the European Resettlement and SHARE Networks  - follow the link to find out more about what he's been involved in and why.

‘My name is Chaza  - I am from Syria, and since late 2014 I've lived in Germany.  In the past I worked with many different NGOs, in the areas of humanitarian work and environmental protection. My goal is to continue working in the humanitarian field, and to be active in trying to bring more peace into the world.’

Chaza has acted as an expert participant at several European events concerning migration and refugees, including a consultative forum and dialogue with the European Parliament organised by ECRE, and a public event in Paris which she attended at the invitation of French MEPs.


Also from Uzbekistan, Dilora and her family were resettled to the Netherlands in 2012, where she currently attends university.  Follow the link to find out more about Dilora and her work both within and outside of the SHARE Network since she arrived into Europe...


Fasil is a journalist from Ethiopia, resettled to the Netherlands in 2007, where he completed a Masters in European Studies in 2009.  In 2010 established a satellite radio and TV station broadcasting to Ethiopia - supported by over 5000 contributors, the station now broadcasts 24 hours from the Netherlands, Norway and the US.  Fasil first became invovled with SHARE and the European Resettlement Network when he participated as an expert panellist (pictured) at the May 2012 EU Resettlement Skills Share Day, and recently attended a Brussels seminar on transatlantic cooperation on refugee resettlement and integration in his capacity as SHARE Ambassador.


Iman is originally from Sudan and grew up in Libya, and was resettled to Norway with her family in 2011.  Follow the link to find out more about her experiences before and after arriving into Norway, and her work with SHARE to date....


Originally from Somalia, Abdi was resettled to the UK with his family from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya in 2011.    He now lives in the North West of England, where he works as a self-employed interpreter.  Abdi has been involved in several SHARE activities and is active as a volunteer in the UK - follow the link to find out more about his work and watch a short interview with Abdi produced by Refugee Action....