'New' - impressions of a Congolese boy resettled to the Netherlands

On the 30th of January 2014, the short film ‘Nieuw’ (‘New’) was screened at Humanity House in The Hague. This film shows the impressions of an 8 year old boy, Tanans, who was resettled from a refugee camp in Uganda to the Netherlands. Tanans and his family were assisted by IOM The Netherlands to travel from Uganda to the Netherlands in October of last year. The film captures the impressions of this new life as experienced through the eyes of a child with curiosity, playfulness, sadness and fear. The result is an, at times, emotional but very realistic insight into refugee resettlement and integration in the Netherlands.

Nieuw was produced by the production company JvdWfilm. Prior to the screening, Ariane den Uyl of VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and Femke Joordans of UNHCR NL initiated discussions about resettlement in the context of the Netherlands and outlined the types of support that migrants require to enable them to succeed in Dutch society. In addition, the film’s producer, Eefje Blankevoort, and the star of the film, Tanans, answered questions from the audience. Tanans and his extended family closed the evening with a singing and dancing performance from their native home, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.