'Protecting and Welcoming Refugees in Europe': A joint statement issued by the SHARE Network on the occasion of the SHARE Network Conference (Brussels, October 20th 2015)


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The SHARE Network Conference, held in Brussels on October 20 2015,  marked the drawing to a close of the second phase of the development of the SHARE Network.  After 3.5 years of engagement in refugee resettlement, protection and integration, the conference was also the occasion of the launch of a SHARE Network policy statement 'Protecting and Welcoming Refugees in Europe'.  The statement draws on the tools, resources and learning produced by the SHARE Network since its launch in March 2012, and makes recommendations to enable actors at all levels to contribute to the successful reception, integration and welcome of refugees in Europe. 

Since March 2012, the SHARE Network has engaged with actors at the European, national and - crucially - local level in 20 European countries.  Involving cities, municipalities, civil society organisations, volunteers and refugee/migrant associations has ensured concerted action to enable many refugees to settle, integrate and move toward independence in their new societies in a dignified and supported manner.  

The statement, and the recommendations and conclusions it includes, respond to the multiple actions and initiatives undertaken by thousands of organisations and citizens across Europe, and to the new resettlement and relocation programmes now starting to be implemented within the EU.  It focuses primarily on the local aspects of reception and integration for newcomers in Europe, and on actions and approaches by actors at all levels that can positively impact outcomes in this area.  We hope it will provoke constructive discussions that ensure refugees coming to Europe can successfully build their lives in their new communities.

For more information about the SHARE Network or the policy statement, please contact Magdalena Boehm at ICMC Europe (boehm@icmc.net).