SHARE PUBLISHES GRAPHIC DISPLAY SERIES on the implementation of the EU programme to resettle 50,000 persons in 2018-19

Based on the European Commission's recommendation for the Union to offer at least 50,000 resettlement places  for persons in need of international protection from third countries by end 2019, 20 Member States pledged over 50,000 places making it the largest EU collective engagement on resettlement to date. A graphic display series designed by ICMC Europe for the occasion of the SHARE Conference "Expanding Resettlement across Europe: From Policy to Practice", held on 21-22 October 2019 in Brussels, celebrates the efforts of the 16 European countries that have resettled more than 34,000 persons by September 2019 (69.4% of the programme target).

The SHARE Network conducted interviews with the European Commission and national focal points from civil society and central government to find out: How many persons have arrived? Which nationalities have been resettled? What are the countries of first asylum? What are the national and/or regional placement procedures deciding where refugees will be hosted? How did civil society welcome and support newcomers?

Click here to access the full graphic display gallery and find out which countries joined European efforts to offer protection to refugees through resettlement in 2018-2019.