Emergency Resettlement Explained: The Dutch Experience - October 2013

In 2013-14, the European Resettlement Network entered a new phase of development under a joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC project entitled, ‘Strengthening the response to emergency resettlement needs. Over the course of the project, the National Network Focal Points, with the support of the project coordinators, will organise a series of thematic and regional awareness-raising, networking and capacity-building events and workshops on resettlement, bringing together participants from government, international organisations, NGO’s, civil society, as well as regional and local authorities. These events will serve as a platform to highlight the particular needs of refugees, to highlight emergency resettlement and priority situations, to share best practice and experiences, and to offer inspiring solutions to common challenges.

On the 3rd of October 2013, the European Resettlement Network with the support of the National Network Focal Point in the Netherlands, IOM The Hague, organized its first thematic and regional event: Emergency Resettlement Explained - the Dutch Experience in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The event briefly introduced the project 'Strengthening the response to emergency resettlement needs'  with an overview from UNHCR on emergency and urgent resettlement in Europe. Following this introduction, the  focus was on emergency resettlement in practice in the Dutch context. In the first panel, the process of emergency resettlement in the Netherlands was discussed, followed by a second panel which examined emergency resettlement in practice at the local level, highlighting a resettled refugee's experience.

For more information, you can download the programme here.

Watch the videos here to learn more about emergency resettlement and how it is done in the Dutch context.

The photo gallery of the event is available here.


Emergency and Urgent Resettlement to Europe: Modalities and Challenges by Perveen Ali, Resettlement Service, UNHCR Geneva

Emergency Resettlement in Practice: the Dutch Experience: IOM's Role Explained by Mia Mckenzie, IOM The Hague

Emergency Resettlement in Practice: the Dutch experience: COA's role by Nicolien Rengers, Central Organization for Reception of Refugees