Emergency Resettlement Project

In 2013-14, the European Resettlement Network entered a new phase of development under a joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC project entitled ‘Strengthening the response to emergency resettlement needs.’

This project supported the existing European Resettlement Network and, as such, further promoted cooperation among different stakeholders and built their capacity to increase and improve resettlement efforts. It also focused on raising awareness of emergency resettlement, conducted outreach, and facilitated mutual learning and exchange of good practice amongst European Resettlement Network members and stakeholders. In an effort to enhance the sustainability of the Network and further advance ownership of it among stakeholders, up to 15 National Network Focal Points, for whom specific terms of references were developed, were recruited through a call for expressions of interest. The National Network Focal Points were drawn from civil society, national, regional and local authorities, International Organisations, NGOs, and faith-based organisations. They were responsible for gathering and disseminating information and knowledge, contributing material and input for the website, creating awareness of emergency and priority situations, and developing activities at the national level.

An initial European Resettlement Network meeting brought together approximately 40 active members of the Network, and served as an opportunity to discuss the Network’s structure, and to share ideas and expectations; it was also an opportunity to identify potential Focal Points. Over the course of the project, the National Network Focal Points, with the support of the project coordinators, organised a series of thematic and regional awareness-raising, networking and capacity-building events and workshops on resettlement, bringing together participants from government, International Organisations, NGO’s, civil society, as well as regional and local authorities. These events served as a platform to highlight the particular needs of refugees, to highlight emergency resettlement and priority situations, to share best practice and experiences, and to offer inspiring solutions to common challenges.

In order to further strengthen and structure the Network, the project coordinators established a Network Steering Committee, which was comprised of the project coordinators and various other key stakeholders. This forum sought to refine the European Resettlement Network strategy for the following year. The project also focused on further developing the www.resettlement.eu website to highlight emergency resettlement needs and priority situations, and to build the capacity of European countries to respond to emergency resettlement situations. In this effort, the website was expanded to include also a resource library, a directory of resettlement policymakers and practitioners, and an online Community of Practice to facilitate discussion groups and consultations.



To download the Emergency Resettlement Project Factsheet click here.


Peter O' Sullivan, UNHCR - Resettlement Project Coordinator

Tel: +32 2 627 59 81 - Email: osulliva@unhcr.org



Alpha Barry, IOM - Project Development and Resettlement Coordinator

Tel: +32 2 287 74 14 - Email: ABARRY@IOM.INT



 Lisa Fischer, ICMC - Resettlement Network Coordinator

 Tel: +32 2 227 97 29 - Email: networkcoord@icmc.net