'Look & Learn' visit- presentations

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Monday, June 11th, 2012

Welcome & Overview of the programme

Henrik Ankerstjerne, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Danish Presidency

Jakob Dam Glynstrup, Danish Immigration Service

Majbrit Bonsu, Faxe Municipality

Petra Hueck, ICMC Europe

Global partnerships for resettlement: UNHCR & national governments -

the Danish example

Jakob Dam Glynstrup, Danish Immigration Service

Karin Davin, UNHCR Sweden Office

Resettlement in Europe -

the Danish quota system in a European context

Petra Hueck, ICMC Europe
The EU Resettlement Programme Gabriela Szmidt, European Commission

The Danish resettlement programme in focus:

how does it work and what can other countries learn from the approach?

Lea Kryger Olsen & Camilla Wismer Hagen, Danish Immigration Service

Bente Bondebjerg & Dorte Smed, Danish Refugee Council

Practice examples & group exercises -

cases resettled to Denmark

Facilitated by the Danish Immigration Service & Danish Refugee Council


Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Cases studies from Europe

  • Iceland
  • UK

Facilitator: Hazel Williams, Training Consultant, ICMC Europe


Breakout Groups:

Identifying & engaging your resettlement partners

Facilitated by British Refugee Council & ICMC Europe

Expert panel:

successes & challenges in integration support for resettled refugees in Europe

Facilitator: Rachel Westerby, ICMC Europe


Travel to Faxe municipality

Look & Learn visit - Faxe municipality [download the programme]

  • Faxe Jobcentre
  • Volunteering for resettlement
  • Integration courses (including language-learning)
  • Meeting with refugees resettled to Faxe


Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

AM: Site visit in Fåborg Midtfyn municipality

Visit to Danish Crown - employer of resettled refugees & other migrants in Fåborg:

  • Presentation by Danish Crown Chief Executive
  • Tour of Danish Crown factory facility
  • Resettlement practice in Fåborg - working with Burmese refugees
  • Meeting with resettled refugees employed by Danish Crown

PM: Fåborg Midtfyn municipality - Production School

  • Site visit to a vocational training school with Danish and resettled refugee young people as pupils
  • Meeting with young resettled refugees
  • Municipality participation in resettlement section missions - presentation by Fåborg municipality integration services


Travel to Copenhagen


Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Reflections on site visits -

the European Commission perspective

Gabriela Szmidt, European Commission

Facilitated discussion -

reflection on site visits

ICMC Europe facilitators

Building grassroots support for refugee resettlement -

the German 'Save Me' campaign

Andrea Kothen, ProAsyl & Sarah Hergenröther, Munich Refugee Council

Volunteering for resettlement

Facilitator: Ania Pokorska


Building an EU Resettlement Network

Petra Hueck & Rachel Westerby, ICMC Europe

Moving toward more and better resettlement in Europe


Jakob Dam Glynstrup, Danish Immigration Service