New Pact on Migration & Asylum


The publication of a New Pact on Migration & Asylumannounced by the von der Leyen Commission in December 2019, was postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency. On 27 May 2020, the European Commission published its revised Work Programme for 2020, confirming the publication of the Pact and accompanying legislative proposals in Q2 (or by end June2020.


UPDATE: in a June 19 2020 Politico interview, Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson announced that the Pact's publication had again been delayed until 'after the summer break'.  Politico concludes that 'the delays underscore how contentious the issue remains, and how the EU is struggling to move forward on other fronts while it grapples with the coronavirus crisis'.


To date, very limited information on the Pact’s content has been made available. In a June 10 2020 interview, Margaritas Schinas (the European Commission Vice President charged with 'promoting our European way of life') confirmed that the Pact would include a strong focus on a common border procedure, with a 'single European comprehensive framework' and a role for EU agencies to determine 'very quickly who is eligible for asylum and who is not'. ECRE’s editorial on the legislative proposals that will accompany the Pact, published in December 2019, provides an overview of its concerns regarding the introduction of a mandatory border procedure.


Commissioner Schinas has confirmed that the Pact would be published with accompanying legislative proposals, to be taken forward by the German Presidency of the European Union. Commissioner Johansson has since stated that 'voluntary solidarity is not enough' with respect to achieveing a fair distribution of asylum seekers throughout the Union, and that the Pact would therefore include a 'permanent solidarity mechanism'.


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You can follow the legislative process for the Pact on the webpages of the European Parliament