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SHARE City Exchange Visits for new & emerging resettlement countries, 2014-15

In 2014-15, SHARE II will facilitate 2 City Exchange Visits to the UK city of Sheffield for a minimum of 18 participants in mixed delegations from new and emerging resettlement countries.  Co-organised by ICMC, the city of Sheffield and the NGO British Refugee Council, the 2.5-day visits will incorporate the city peer exchange methodology developed together with SHARE partner EUROCITIES and used in the SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme 2012-13, in addition to site visits, exchange with practitioners working in the city's resettlement programme and refugees resettled to the city since the rpogramme began in 2004.

Visit programmes will be individually developed based on the priorities, needs and interest expressed by visiting delegations.  Delegates will be drawn from regional and local authorities - including both political representation and those working directly in administrations - civil society organisations, national governments and other, relevant stakeholders.

Follow the links below to read more about visits that have taken place as part of this rpogramme. For more information on the SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme, please contact Rachel Westerby, Senior Policy & Programme Manager at ICMC Europe (