SHARE Network survey maps impact of COVID-19



The SHARE Network today publishes the results of a European survey on the impact of COVID-19 for refugee and migrant welcome and integration in the EU, and the ways in which refugees, migrants and those working with and alongside them have responded. 


At the start of 2021, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt around the world. For refugees, migrants and those working with them, the crisis has created new and intensified existing challenges, and required all actors and stakeholders to develop new approaches to respond to the changed context.



During October-December 2020, the SHARE Network conducted an online survey to map the impact of the pandemic on welcome and integration for refugees and migrants across the EU, including the responses it has prompted, and identify best practice that can be taken forward in the pandemic recovery.


“Our survey findings once more demonstrate the outstanding commitment of actors and stakeholders across the SHARE Network to welcoming refugees and migrants, and supporting their integration and inclusion”, says ICMC Europe Director Petra Hueck. “This is particularly true of those working at local community level, who have gone above and beyond to provide information, reconfigure services and activities, and establish new partnerships and alliances and have provided ongoing support to vulnerable migrants.” Our findings thus fully underline the conclusions of the Conference of the Diversity Europe Group of the European Economic and Social Committee "Civil Society "Organisations during and after Covid-19: what challenges and what future?" issued Mid March 2021.  ‘As is shown from our survey, community led organisations ensure that no one is left behind. It is therefore vital that they are included in co-designing inclusive territorial approaches to recover from Covid 19’.


The new SHARE Network online survey resource includes a searchable library of best practice implemented by welcome and integration actors in response to COVID-19. “It is crucial that we learn the lessons of COVID-19, and take the good practices it has prompted into the recovery”, explains Hueck. “At the SHARE Network we will continue to disseminate our findings and successful practice approaches across our partner territories and localities, and ensure the voices of those working at local level are central to our European advocacy”.


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