Pre-arrival planning

Including local and regional actors and perspectives at all stages of the global resettlement process, including at the pre-arrival stage, builds a strong foundation for successful settlement and integration.

SHARE advocates linking the pre-departure and post-arrival stages of resettlement to support successful integration, through effective information-sharing, cooperation for pre-arrival planning, and strong multilevel governance arrangements.

SHARE focuses on innovation and best practice exchange in pre-departure Cultural Orientation, both for refugees due to be resettled and receiving local communities, and on supporting the development of effective national placement policies.

SHARE additionally promotes creative solutions for housing in refugee resettlement within the pre-arrival planning process, by drawing on existing European expertise to identify successful approaches to what is a centrally important factor in creating and maintaining local and national capacities to receive refugees.




PRE-DEPARTURE CULTURAL ORIENTATION is a crucially important aspect of resettlement, both for refugees due to be resettled and for the local actors and communities that will receive them. Click here to find out more about how SHARE brings together actors from across the resettlement process to exchange best practices for pre-departure cultural orientation.


NATIONAL PLACEMENT POLICIES are decided by countries participating in resettlement. 


HOUSING FOR REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT is a crucial part of pre-arrival planning, requiring strong multi-level cooperation. A lack of appropriate housing can affect countries' readiness to receive refugees. 

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