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ERN+ Conference Report April 2018

A full account of the discussions at the 12 April 2018 ERN+ Conference on Complementary Pathways of Admission to Europe for Refugees.

Expanding Solutions for Refugees: Complementary Pathways of Admission to Europe

This policy-focused paper offers an initial strategic assessment of the three complementary pathways examined in the ERN+ project, drawing out the common features of, and main distinctions between the three pathways studied.


Higher Education Scholarships for Refugees: A reference framework for expanding protection and solutions opportunities through complementary pathways of admission to Europe

This study focuses on higher education scholarships as a complementary pathway for the admission of refugees to the EU and other European countries for the purposes of study and to widen  potential solution options for refugees.

(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Student Scholarships for Refugees: Expanding complementary pathways of admission to Europe

Czech Republic, France, Germany

This paper is a preliminary exploration of the potential for student scholarship and study programmes in European Union Member States to offer a response to the need for increased opportunities for refugees to arrive safely in Europe.

Building Educational Pathways for Refugees: Mapping a Canadian Peer-to-peer Support Model - Guide

This guide presents the framework adopted by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to resettle and provide education opportunities to young refugees through Canada’s post-secondary network.

(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Private Sponsorship in Europe: Expanding complementary pathways for refugee resettlement

France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, UK

Private sponsorship initiatives, although not always labelled as such, have emerged in Europe since 2015 as a tangible engagement in refugee welcome and solidarity, in an effort to respond to deaths at sea and migrants taking increasingly dangerous routes to reach safety.