IOM Resettlement Services Brochure

Resettlement is a humanitarian endeavor, sometimes life-saving and always life-changing. Looking ahead   at  the  evolving resettlement landscape,  there  will be increasingly  more people  forced   to  move who  are not protected under the  1951 Refugee Convention,  and  finding  good durable solutions  will require   the  collaborative engagement of  many actors  across  a  range of  services.  IOM is  well suited  to  meet  the  challenge, and  assist governments to   help  refugees  integrate  successfully  into  receiving   communities.  Successful resettlement is  migration  management at its best, it's an investment in human capital and an empowerment of people.

Upon the request of governments, IOM provides the following resettlement services: case processing, health assessments and travel health assistance, pre-departure orientation/integration and movement/travel operations.