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Title Source Country
ERN+ Conference Report April 2018 ERN
Building a Resettlement Network of European Cities and Regions- Experiences of the SHARE Network 2012-2015 ICMC Europe
What Next for Global Refugee Policy? Opportunities and Limits of Resettlement at Global, European and National Levels Expert Council’s Research Unit (SVR Research Unit)
Expanding Solutions for Refugees: Complementary Pathways of Admission to Europe European Resettlement Network
Private Sponsorship Feasibility Study - Towards a Private Sponsorship Model in France European Resettlement Network France
Introductory Presentation EASO Pilot Project on Private Sponsorship Programmes EASO
Introductory Presentation on the European Commission study on the feasibility and added value of sponsorship schemes European Commission
Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) - an overview GRSI
ERN+ Project activities and outcomes (conference presentation) ERN+
(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Private Sponsorship in Europe: Expanding complementary pathways for refugee resettlement European Resettlement Network France, Germany
Higher Education Scholarships for Refugees: A reference framework for expanding protection and solutions opportunities through complementary pathways of admission to Europe European Resettlement Network
(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe - Expanding complementary pathways of admission for persons in need of international protection European Resettlement Network Austria, France, Germany
(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Student Scholarships for Refugees: Expanding complementary pathways of admission to Europe European Resettlement Network Czech Republic, France
Humanitarian Admission Programmes - Expanding and Increasing Pathways to Protection European Resettlement Network
Conference Report: The role of churches and christian organisations in community-based sponsorship programmes of refugees in Europe: challenges, opportunities and next steps ICMC Europe
Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) GUIDEBOOK GRSI
Hope for a Better Future: Higher Education Scholarship Opportunities in Europe for Refugee Students - Webinar ERN+
Enhancing Humanitarian Admission in Europe - Webinar ERN+
Building Educational Pathways for Refugees: Mapping a Canadian Peer-to-peer Support Model - Guide World University Service of Canada (WUSC)
Emerging Private Sponsorship Programmes in Europe: a New Partnership between Government and Local Communities - Webinar ERN+
UNHCR Refugee Resettlement Trends 2015 - Report UNHCR
Somali Refugees in Kenya - 2013 ICMC Europe
Somali Refugees in Ethiopia - 2013 ICMC Europe
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - 2013 ICMC Europe
Iranian Refugees in Turkey - 2013 ICMC Europe