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Title Source Country
Full Community Sponsorship Guidance for Prospective Sponsors - Guidance Document UK Home Office UK
What did the UDI do in 2011? - Annual Report UDI - Norvegian Directorate of Immigration Norway
Resettlement refugees according to citizenship, permits granted and arrivals, 2011 UDI - Norvegian Directorate of Immigration Norway
REMOVING THE STUMBLING BLOCKS: Ways to Use Resettlement More Effectively to Protect Vulnerable Refugee Minors The University of Sydney
Participative Integration in Finland The Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities Finland
Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: The Role of Cities and Businesses The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration (THP)
Country Chapters - FRANCE- UNHCR Resettlement Handbook The Government of France - UNHCR France
Country Chapters - BELGIUM- UNHCR Resettlement Handbook The Government of Belgium - UNHCR Belgium
Statistical Overview - Migration and Asylum 2011 The Danish Immigration Service Denmark
'We are the victims of the separation': A Report on Bhutanese Refugees Remaining in Nepal Susan Banki & Nicole Phillips
Comparative study on the best practices for the integration of resettled refugees in EU member states Study by the Directorate-General for internal policies, Policy department - European Parliament
UNBC World University Service of Canada - Video Shaw TV Northern BC
Direct placement and support of resettled refugees in municipalities Schol, M., Woestenburg, N., Sibma, A., Jager, L. de, Winter, H. Netherlands
Zuwanderer auf Deutschland vorbereiten: Handlungsempfehlungen und Strategien Sarah Tietze, IOM Nuremberg Germany
Resettling Refugees: Canada’s Humanitarian Commitments Sandra Elgersma, Economics, Resources and International Affairs Division - The Library of Parliament, Canada
Responding to Trauma - Handbook based on experiences of Afghan refugee women living in Finland Sandi Mäki-Soini Finland
Early experiences of Young Sudanese resettled to Finland Saija Niemi Finland
The Gateway Protection Programme - Good Practice Guide Rick Jones, Nigel Rose, Rachael Hardiman, with contributions from Gateway Protection Programme teams at Refugee Action and Refugee Council UK
Mixed migration in Horn of Africa and Yemen Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) - UNHCR
Report of 2017 Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement Refugee Council of Australia
Resettling to the UK: The Gateway Protection Programme Refugee Council - UK UK
Principles for a UK Resettlement Programme Refugee Council - UK UK
Amir's volunteering - a study on volunteering as a pathway to social inclusion for young asylum seekers and refugees Red Cross Denmark Denmark, UK
Amir's Volunteering - A guide on involving young asylum seekers and refugees as volunteers. Experiences, ideas and recommendations Red Cross Denmark Denmark, UK
Resettlement: für ein Programm zur Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen in Deutschland ProAsyl Germany