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Title Source Country
Resettlement Fact Sheet UNHCR Austria, Belgium
Responding to Trauma - Handbook based on experiences of Afghan refugee women living in Finland Sandi Mäki-Soini Finland
Amir's Volunteering - A guide on involving young asylum seekers and refugees as volunteers. Experiences, ideas and recommendations Red Cross Denmark Denmark, UK
Amir's volunteering - a study on volunteering as a pathway to social inclusion for young asylum seekers and refugees Red Cross Denmark Denmark, UK
A New Beginning: Refugee Integration in Europe UNHCR Europe Austria, France, Ireland
Canadian Orientation Abroad: Helping Future Immigrants Adapt to Life in Canada IOM
Documentary on Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) Romania Gina Christensen Florescu & Nina Salomons Romania
A “First Buddy in the United States” Awaits Refugee Children Arriving at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Niurka Piñeiro, IOM Senior Press Officer and Spokesperson for the Americas
Refugee resettlement: the view from Kenya. Findings from field research in Nairobi and Kakuma refugee camp. Hannah Elliot, KNOW RESET Research Report 2012/01
Refugee Resettlement from Pakistan: Findings from Afghan Refugee Camps in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) Ilyas Chattha, KNOW RESET Research Report 2013/01
The World at Our Doorstep Onondaga Citizens League
Europe, now it is your turn to act Amnesty International
Direct placement and support of resettled refugees in municipalities Schol, M., Woestenburg, N., Sibma, A., Jager, L. de, Winter, H. Netherlands
Bertine Bahige, a Congolese refugee resettled to the US, tells his life story Wyoming Chronicle
Nutrition Surveillance Report IOM Medical & Health Department, Geneva
Tools for Addressing Integration Challenges Pindie Stephen, Senior Migrant Training Specialist /Integration Focal Point IOM HQ, Geneva
Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2012 European Asylum Support Office
Let me tell you my story. Words and drawings by Colombian refugee children in Ecuador UNHCR
New Land, New Life - The inspiring stories of five refugees HardaMedia
What a refugee's first night in America is like Gabriele Stabile
Video Interview Pilot Immigration and Naturalisation Service of the Netherlands - INS and COA Netherlands
The Gateway Protection Programme - Good Practice Guide Rick Jones, Nigel Rose, Rachael Hardiman, with contributions from Gateway Protection Programme teams at Refugee Action and Refugee Council UK
Act on the Integration of Immigrants and Reception of Asylum Seekers (493/1999; amendments up to 324/2009 included) Unofficial translation, legally binding only in Finnish and Swedish Ministry of the Interior, Finland Finland
Participative Integration in Finland The Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities Finland
The Emergency Transit Centre in Romania UNHCR, the Government of Romania and the International Organization for Migration Romania