Within private sponsorship programmes, national governments make agreements with private actors to facilitate refugee resettlement. Governments facilitate legal entry, and private actors provide financial, emotional and social support for new arrivals. Private sponsorship initiatives enable private actors, including local citizens, to engage in refugee resettlement in a very direct and personal way, and expand the 'toolbox' of options for increasing resettlement capacity in receiving countries.

SHARE is part of the wider European Resettlement Network which, in recognition of the need for new approaches to address global displacement and the few opportunities available for refugee resettlement, has broadened its scope of activities to include research on complementary pathways of admission for refugees to Europe.

SHARE Integration supports local communities considering, planning or preparing an involvement in private sponsorship. The SHARE Integration Private Sponsorship Working Group brings together relevant actors, to reflect on private sponsorship in the European context and support the production of the SHARE publication 'Fostering Community Sponsorship Across Europe' (forthcoming). The publication will focus on inclusion and integration at the local level resulting from sponsorship initiatives in Europe.