UNHCR Framework for Resettlement

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Name Organisation Country
Angela Starn Interact for Integration United Kingdom
CORINA POPA unhcr Romania
Katrin Euer VluchtelingenWerk Netherlands
Mrs. Anna Andreeva State Agency for Refugees Bulgaria
Laura Wilson Refugee Council United Kingdom
Edwina O'Shea IGC Switzerland
Helen Frithiof Swedish Migration Board Sweden
Reem Andary unhcr Lebanon
Victoria (for Chris Ward) Sinclair Refugee Action United Kingdom
Kieran Allen Universitat Jaume 1 Spain
Teresa Bass New Zealand Red Cross New Zealand
Maria de Zabala unhcr Spain
Tommaso Gazzetti G.U.S. - Gruppo Umana Solidarietà Italy
Alan Deve unhcr United Kingdom
Mia McKenzie IOM
Daniel Sturm Migration and Refugee Services/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops United States
Mrs. Patricia Van de Peer European Parliament Belgium
Marc Soubry sp.a Belgium
Amir Hussain Shah Integration Denmark
Sigrid Gies Research Centre Immigration & Asylum Law at University of Konstanz Germany
Carla Gerardi Hull Coucil Refugee United Kingdom
Juan Carlos Arnaiz Guijas unhcr Spain
Mr. Jeremy Bernhaut Refugee Action United Kingdom