Pre-departure Assistance & Travel to resettlement country

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Health assessments in the framework of EU resettlement

Health is an important factor in the resettlement of refugees. Traditional immigration countries have long recognized a need for the crossborder control of diseases and for the protection of the public health of both host communities and refugees.

The legislation and protocols of major immigration countries have evolved over the past decades, from the concept of quarantine upon arrival to the current system of overseas health assessments. With EU countries increasingly participating in refugee resettlement, it is important to consider related health issues, in order to minimize adverse consequences for refugees and hosting communities.


Facilitating integration through cultural orientation

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) facilitates refugee resettlement to the Netherlands at the request of the Dutch government. Through its worldwide network in over 132 countries, IOM is well-placed to provide a range of pre-departure services as well as make arrangements for safe travel to the Netherlands.

One important service related to successful resettlement is the cultural orientation training refugees receive prior to their arrival in country of final destination. In IOM’s view, this training contributes to refugees’ successful resettlement by addressing a wide range of issues related to facilitating the integration process.

IOM underlines the importance of cultural orientation training as part of a well-managed resettlement process. The training contributes by reducing refugees’ concerns and overall anxiety while at the same time increasing their chances of successful integration. The host society gains through a decreased need to support the newcomers, while fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect among refugees and the community at large.

Through the experiences and personal stories of trainers and refugees in this booklet, IOM hopes to make a positive contribution to European Resettlement programs by promoting humane and orderly migration that benefits migrants and society alike.

Reception and integration of resettled refugees in Gävleborg - Landa project brochure

Resettled refugees who come to Sweden often have little knowledge of their new home, which puts great demands on the municipal reception.

Through Project Landa, we were given an opportunity to develop this reception. The County Administrative Board of Gävleborg has been working in this countywide project for nearly two years. The project has been financed with funds from the European Refugee Fund. The purpose of the project was to develop the reception and informational efforts for the newly arrived resettled refugees that were to settle in the county.


Landa project - pre-arrival information and reception of resettled refugees - video

Sweden is the European country receiving the highest number of resettled refugees annually, with an annual resettlement quota of 1,900 persons.  Resettled refugees who come to Sweden often have little knowledge of their new home, which puts great demands on the municipalities receiving the them.

Through Project Landa, the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg had the opportunity to develop pre-arrival information and reception for resettled refugees.  Running for two years and financed by the European Refugee Fund, the project ensured that those involved in receiving resettled refugees in Swedish municipalities were involved in all phases of the resettlement process for refugees resettled to Sweden.  The following film will explain more about the Landa Project and how reception and integration of resettled refugees in Gävleborg is organised.

IOM Resettlement Services Brochure

Resettlement is a humanitarian endeavor, sometimes life-saving and always life-changing. Looking ahead   at  the  evolving resettlement landscape,  there  will be increasingly  more people  forced   to  move who  are not protected under the  1951 Refugee Convention,  and  finding  good durable solutions  will require   the  collaborative engagement of  many actors  across  a  range of  services.  IOM is  well suited  to  meet  the  challenge, and  assist governments to   help  refugees  integrate  successfully  into  receiving   communities.  Successful resettlement is  migration  management at its best, it's an investment in human capital and an empowerment of people.

Upon the request of governments, IOM provides the following resettlement services: case processing, health assessments and travel health assistance, pre-departure orientation/integration and movement/travel operations.