Teaching Tolerance in Secondary Schools - Medenék Association

key data

Budapest, Hungary
Implemented by: 
Medenék Association
Started in: 
January, 2008 to January, 2009
Students of secondary schools
European Refugee Fund (ERF)

Medenék led this project to educate secondary school children about accepting differences in society and promoting tolerance, towards refugees. Medenék teachers delivered classes with refugees, making presentations on the background of refugees, what happens to refugees in Hungary and some of the difficulties they face. Then, the refugee would present his or her personal experience, their journey to Hungary, what they expected and the reality of how it has been for them.
Medenék also set up a web page for the project for students and teachers to use, featuring information about refugees, famous refugees in Hungary and links to different teaching tools to be used in classes.

Identifying the need: 

The refugee population in Hungary is relatively small and new. As a result, there is limited understanding of why refugees come to Hungary, which has led to a lack of tolerance towards refugees. Therefore it was important to educate local children about refugees to promote understanding and acceptance, and prevent the manifestation of negative attitudes.


Initially it was envisaged that there would be 50 interactive classes, however due to some difficulties with the authorities, only eight classes were able to run. In addition, although the project was well-received, funding was limited to one year.