'Leeds Says Yes!' Campaign to receive Syrian refugees in the city of Leeds...

A coalition of organisations and individuals in the UK city of Leeds have launched an online  campaign for the city to receive 100 vulnerable Syrian refugees.  Led by One World Leeds, a Leeds-based group of people dedicated to the action and promotion of positive stories about asylum seekers and refugees, the online campaign enables individuals and organisations to sign a petition expressing their support for the proposal, and link directly to their local Councillor to ask for their support.  The campaign page explains the capabilities and expertise that exist within Leeds and that can make the proposal a reality:

'Since 2000 Leeds has provided a home to many asylum seekers dispersed to our city while their claims are assessed. As a result many local charities and organisations have become expert at providing support, and many neighbourhoods have become places of welcome. In the last few years the number of asylum seekers housed in Leeds has fallen dramatically from over 2,000 at its peak to under 400.

Leeds Arena would only be half full even if EVERY single person who was granted asylum in the whole of the UK last year took up a seat.  Taking around 100 Syrian refugees would be well within our resources and abilities. We’d be able to use the experience built up over fourteen years to provide an excellent services and support to people fleeing persecution.  Leeds is in a great position to help!'