'Cities that Care, Cities that SHARE' - SHARE project launch and network event


This event presents the activities and partners of the SHARE project, which aims to build a European resettlement network of cities and regions engaged in receiving resettled refugees - or which are interested to learn more about how their city or region can engage in resettlement in the future.  ICMC, the City of Sheffield, EUROCITIES and UNHCR will launch and distribute a new outreach publication for local authorities.


  • Official launch of ICMC Europe’s ‘Cities that Care, Cities that SHARE – the SHARE Project’, a new, European Commission-funded 18-month programme to build a European resettlement network of regions, cities and municipalities
  • Launch of the SHARE publication ‘Welcome to Sheffield – reflections on 8 years experience of receiving resettled refugees at the local level’
  • Introduction of lead partners in the SHARE Project – Eurocities, UNHCR and the city of Sheffield
  • Presentations and discussion on:

- the role of regions, cities and municipalities in providing the welcoming communities that facilitate the long-term integration of resettled refugees

- the role of local actors – local authorities, NGOs, community organisations and previously resettled refugees – in implementing resettlement programmes at the local level

- city-based advocacy and campaigning, and its value for advocating national involvement in resettlement – as in the ‘Save Me’ campaign in Germany

- the opportunities for city peer learning and knowledge exchange presented by the SHARE network