'Different groups, different approaches' - working with specific refugee groups


Resettled refugees come from a vast range of different backgrounds, countries and refugee situations.  In many resettlement countries, services for resettled refugees are provided within a standardized framework.  This workshop will explore how integration support can be adapted to meet the needs and aspirations of specific refugee groups and address their special needs.


  • Reflections on the skills, needs and adaptation abilities of refugees resettled from camp and urban backgrounds
  • Discussion of managing the expectations refugees have about their resettlement, and how the nature of these expectations differs depending on the attributes and experiences of specific groups – including education, employment background, family
  • Case study of Karen refugees from Burma and the expertise those working in pre-departure cultural orientation
  • Reflections on the value of volunteers for integration support – volunteers are highly flexible in what they do and so can more easily adapt to the needs of particular groups than often highly structured official integration/introduction support programmes can. They therefore constitute an essential, complementary resource for official integration programmes.


Burmese group integration needs - Beam Teasdale, IOM Thailand [download]