Introducing Abdulkareem, SHARE Resettlement Ambassador in Germany...

‘Hi, I am Abdulkareem.  I am 49 years old, and from Iraq.  I was resettled with my family to Germany in 2009.  As I come from an inflamed region in the Middle East, I know exactly the ugly face of war and the tragedies that it produces.  So I joined the SHARE Network to raise awareness about it, and to advocate here in Europe that there is a place for the “others“ if we have a place for them in our hearts.  So let us care about the others, because only when we care ... we can SHARE.’

Abdulkareem has a long involvement with the European Resettlement and SHARE Networks, acting as a speaker and expert participant at the following conferences and events:

Abdulkareem also authored the foreword of Issue 3 of the SHARE Network Magazine.