Introducing Dilora, SHARE Resettlement Ambassador in the Netherlands

'Hello! I am Dilora. I was born and raised in Uzbekistan. But we had to flee it in 2010 because of persecutions and danger of re-imprisonment of my father. So, in 2013, we were resettled to the Netherlands. Currently, I am studying an undergraduate International and European Law programme at The Hague.'

Dilora has been active in the SHARE Network during 2015, authoring the foreword of Issue 4 of the SHARE Network Magazine and participating as a presenter at a Brussels seminar on transatlantic cooperation on refugee resettlement and integration.  At the seminar, Dilora presented on the topic of volunteering and building a culture of welcome,using a case study of how local residents welcomed and assisted her and her family after they arrived in their new municipality, and presenting to seminar participants her recommendations on the role volunteers can play in the reception and integration of resettled refugees.

Outside of the SHARE Network, in March 2014 Dilora participated in the March 2014 'Voices of Young Refugees in Europe' study session 'Refugees' contribution to democractic citizenship', held at European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, and subsequently published an article describing her and her family's experiences of resettlement and settling into life in the Netherlands.