Introducing Zukhra, SHARE Resettlement Ambassador in France...

Originally from Uzbekistan, Zukhra currently lives in Paris, where she attends the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris.  She has also studied at Central St Martins in London, and exhibited her work in Paris and Berlin. 

‘As a young artist, having lived refugee life has had a great influence on my art project. I became interested in the phenomenon of migration, the situation of asylum seekers and political refugees. My work is about these people who crossed the border of their country, who are far from their origins, and have to rebuild an identity in a new country and create new benchmarks. I work on this quest for identity, the everyday resistance not to sink, and the will not to be forgotten. My goal is to show this reality, and for that I spend time with people in their daily lives.  I transcribe by videos, recordings, photos and paintings.  The role of SHARE Ambassador is consistent with my artistic work, in that it will allow me to find out and to help more’.

‘Les Portes, Les Portraits’

'Je me suis rendue dans un centre d’accueil de demandeurs d’asiles et j’ai choisi d’abord de prendre en photo les portes de leurs chambres puis de les peindre en taille réelle. Les gens étaient tellement renfermés qu’ils ne voulaient pas parler avec moi. Alors je restais toujours devant la porte ; j’entendais leurs voix qui sortaient de l’intérieur. J’avais l’impression que leur chambre était leur monde, et ce bâtiment était devenu leur nouvelle frontière entre leur monde et le monde extérieur.

Ce travail est autour du transfert de l’identité, et de la personnalité de ces personnes vivant derrière ces portes. J’ai effectué les enregistrements des conversations et récits de certaines personnes.'

‘The Doors, The Portraits’
'I visited asylum seekers in a reception centre and I chose firstly to take pictures of the doors to their rooms and then paint them full size. People were so contained that they did not want to talk with me. So I always stayed at the door; I heard their voices coming from inside. I felt their room was their world, and this building had become their new frontier between their world and the outside world. This work is about the transfer of the identity and personality of the people living behind those doors.
I made recordings of conversations and stories of some people.'