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Assisting refugees and asylum seekers without a reception accomodation place, MOSAICO Actions for Refugees, Italy

MOSAICO - Actions for Refugees is a refugee-led organisation founded in Turin, Italy in 2006 to support refugees in their process of integration, promote their rights and raise awareness on the subject of migration. From the start of the pandemic, MOSAICO provided the following for refugees and asylum seekers without a reception accommodation place... read more




Significant institutional response to COVID-19, Comisión de Ayuda al Refugiado en Euskadi, Spain

In the Basque Country, asylum seekers are hosted in reception facilities operated within the national Spanish asylum reception system and the Basque government's reception system. To ensure residents of both systems were able to protect themselves against infection and comply with COVID-19 public health measures, the Basque government ensured... read more


Cooperation & clustered accomodation to reduce exposure to COVID-19, Consorzio Communitas, Italy

Italy has a well-established national network of accommodation and support for asylum seekers and refugees, provided via the SIPROIMI network, civil society partners and faith-based organisations. This strong cooperation network enabled a swift and effective pandemic response, putting in place a range of measures ensure the safety of people hosted in reception accommodation while continuing to provide... read more