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New & adapted integration services & support, Karditsa Development Agency (ANKA), GREECE

Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA) implements programmes and projects for the in the rural and urban areas of Karditsa district in Greece, including accommodation and integration initiatives for asylum seekers and refugees. ANKA implemented a number of new approaches and activities in response to COVID-19...

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COVID-19 World Service, Together Ireland & NASC, Ireland

COVID-19 World Service was a joint initiative of Nasc and Together Ireland to provide a range of COVID-19 public health videos in multiple languages. Over the course of 2020...read more




Adapting the Mentoring Programme of Refugee Aid Bonn, Germany

Refugee Aid Bonn’s main activity is a mentoring programme, which matches refugees to local volunteers who support their integration. Refugees and volunteers are matched...read more





Significant institutional response to COVID-19, Comisión de Ayuda al Refugiado en Euskadi, Spain

In the Basque Country, asylum seekers are hosted in reception facilities operated within the national Spanish asylum reception system and the Basque government's reception system. To ensure residents of both systems were able to protect themselves against infection and comply with COVID-19 public health measures, the Basque government ensured... read more



Theatre Therapy: taking care of mental health during the lockdown, Union des Étudiants Exilés, France

The Union des Étudiants Exilés (UEE) is a non-profit organisation created in 2019 "by and for" exiled students in order to defend the access of exiled people to higher education and to develop favourable study conditions. Between the first and the second lockdowns, the association organised the psychodrama workshop "Semicolon" to address the subject of mental health... read more.

Online workshops and activities for young people, Jesuit Refugee Service France, France

During the first lockdown in France, JRS France in Limousin adapted the usual activities of the JRS Jeunes Limoges program, which allows young refugees, asylum seekers and local volunteers to participate in common activities that they co-host. JRS France in Limousin thus held online workshops for program participants via Skype, Zoom or Jitsi Meet, including sports lessons and... read more



The "Volunteer Caregivers" initiative, Cepaim Foundation, Alzira, Spain

In Alzira, the remote accompaniment of migrants arrived by sea via telephone, WhatsApp and visits to the reception flats has been possible thanks to CEPAIM “volunteer caregivers” (cuidadores voluntarios). Volunteer caregivers spare individuals of a similar age to beneficiaries, with a good command of Spanish and knowledge of the Spanish administrative system... read more





Online Information and participation during COVID-19, Cepaim Foundation, Cartaya and Lepe, Spain


During the first lockdown Cepaim in Cartaya and Lepe conducted weekly workshops (online and face-to-face) and produced audiovisual materials to disseminate information on COVID-19 public health and infection control measures among asylum seekers and migrants included within their humanitarian care project. Additionally, Cepaim facilitated the online participation... read more




Reconfiguring integration activities and support during lockdown, Viltaïs, France

During lockdown in France, the civil society organisation Viltaïs implemented various measures for asylum seekers, refugees and people benefitting from social reintegration assistance in several departments (Allier, Puy-de-Dôme, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne... read more


French language classes online, Entraide Pierre Valdo and partners, France

During the first lockdown in France, two partners of Entraide Pierre Valdo, the association Le Saint-Jean and the Diaconat Protestant Drôme-Ardèche, offered French courses via WhatsApp to asylum seekers and refugees. This practice was then partially taken up by Entraide Pierre Valdo and other partners, according to their capacities and the equipment available. The main objectives of these courses were... read more




Remote social Support, Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Protection of the Populations of Haute-Loire (DDCSPP), France 

During lockdown in France, the associations in charge of enhanced social support funded by the French State in the department of Haute-Loire have adapted their working methods so they could continue carrying out their activities targeting refugees who may lack the autonomy to access general services. Despite the language barrier and difficulties in reaching the relevant actors, the four associations approved by the prefect of the department continued providing support remotely (related to health, schooling, rights, banking, etc.), for example... read more






Supporting newly arrived refugees to access online support, training and information, Caritas Friedland, Lower Saxony, Germany

The German federal state of Lower Saxony operates an initial reception facility in Friedland, which accommodates and supports refugees arriving into Germany via national resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes for short periods after their arrival. A range of state actors and civil society organisations (including Caritas Friedland) collaborate to provide services... read more