In June 2015 started the collaborative three-year project between Caritas of the Diocesan Hildesheim and Caritas Germany. The aim is to strengthen communication, information-sharing and coordination of support within the refugee reception process in Germany. See below for more information about the objectives and activities of the project and click on the links to download a full project description in English or German.

The new project – resettlement.de – was launched in order to address cities, municipalities, civil society actors and resettled refugees themselves to participate in and improve refugee reception and integration in Germany. The project is located in the headquarters of German Caritas in Freiburg and in Friedland, where Caritas Friedland works closely together with other civil society actors at the Friedland reception centre.

The centre is the first point of entry for many of those arriving via refugee resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes in Germany. Services provided by partners working at the centre include social assistance, healthcare, basic orientation and liaison with governmental and civil society actors working in receiving municipalities. Refugees stay at the centre for 2 weeks prior to moving to long-term accommodation in municipalities.

As shown in the June 2015 International Catholic Migration (ICMC) research report on Syrian refugee resettlement, since the launch of the Humanitarian Admission Programmes from 2013 to 2015, and the continuation of refugee resettlement, Germany has received approximately 35,000 refugees, more than 60% of the total pledges in Europe. Friedland reception centre has received many of these refugees, large numbers of whom arrive with urgent medical and other needs. Follow the link here to read the full report.

The object of this new project is to improve the reception and integration of newly incoming refugees. Project activities include providing local actors with early notification about the specific services and support needed by individual refugees ahead of their arrival into municipalities, establishing a website detailing the various programmes and support structures relevant to refugees in Germany, and involving previously resettled refugees as 'buddies' to provide orientation advice and support to refugees staying at the Friedland centre based on their own experiences in Germany.

On 24th November 2015 a national conference will take place in the German city of Fulda. To find out more about the conference click here(In German).