SHARE factsheet 'Scaling Up Resettlement Across Territories'

SHARE Network Factsheet

'Scaling Up Resettlement Across Territories: 30,000 for 2020'

As the European programme to receive 50,000 refugees draws to a close and Member States pledge to receive 30,000 resettled refugees in 2020, European cities and towns continue to play a vitally important role in the expansion and success of European resettlement. Delivering on the vision of 30,000 refugees for 2020, and ensuring European resettlement expands to suport the ambitious targets of the Global Compact on Refugees and its accompanying three-year strategy, requires contributions from all actors – including cities, towns and local communities.

Smaller cities and towns and rural areas have made a particularly important contribution to recently expanded European resettlement efforts, many expressing their solidarity by welcoming and supporting refugees for the first time. It is crucial that they continue to receive the support and resources necessary to build their capacity and expertise in this area.

SHARE has identified territorial approaches to refugee integration as a best practice to guide the participation of smaller communities in receiving refugees. This approach centres on effective multilevel governance cooperation and coordination, and in particular on regional coordination of the participation of smaller communities.

To find out more, read and download the SHARE Network factsheet Scaling Up Resettlement Across Territories: 30,000 for 2020.