SHARE Network advocacy


The SHARE Network advocates for more and better refugee resettlement, and an increase in refugees offered protection via complementary pathways of admission (particularly private and community-based sponsorship).

In addition to research and capacity-building in support of SHARE-led advocacy, the SHARE Network and ICMC Europe work with partner organisations and networks from Europe and around the world to support effective advocacy for refugee protection at the European and global levels:


ICMC Europe joins NGOs calling on the EU and its Member States to demonstrate leadership at the Global Refugee Forum 2019 

One year after the adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees, the international community will gather in Geneva at the first Global Refugee Forum on 17-18 December 2019. 

On behalf of the SHARE Network, ICMC Europe joins European NGOs and civil society networks calling on the EU and its Member States to pledge 30,000 EU resettlement palces for 2020, and commit to continuous and significant increases in anual European resettlement thereafter.

An estimated 1.4 million refugees around the world are in need of resettlement, but in 2018 just 55,680 resettlement places were made available. Inaction is not an option.

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ICMC Europe co-signs NGO statement addressed to the co-negotiators of the proposed Asylum & Migration Fund for 2021-27

As European co-legislators resume their negotiations on the proposed Asylum & Migration Fund (AMF) for 2021-27, ICMC Europe today signs a joint statement by the European NGO Platform on Asylum and Migration (EPAM) calling for the Fund to provide humane, transparent and effective support for asylum, migration and integration in the EU. The Fund must:

  • Address vulnerability and ensure protection.
  • Safeguard policy coherence in non-EU countries.
  • Implement partnerships with civil society organisations (CSOs) in practice.
  • Ensure coordinated and significant resources for integration

On behalf of the SHARE Network, ICMC Europe particularly emphasises the joint statement’s call for the proposed Fund to ensure meaningful collaboration and partnership with CSOs and guarantee effective coordination and resourcing for integration across relevant EU funds. As evidenced by the experience of the SHARE Network, European CSOs and regional/local authorities have the capacity and desire to welcome refugees and third-country nationals settling in EU Member States and support their successful integration. It is incumbent upon the European institutions to ensure that EU funds recognise this central role, and enable these actors to make the fullest possible contribution to integration and inclusion across the EU.

Click here to read the full EPAM statement.