SHARE Network Conference - ‘Protecting and Welcoming Refugees in Europe' (Committee of the Regions, Brussels - Tuesday 20th October 2015)

ICMC is pleased to announce the one-day SHARE Network Conference ‘Protecting and Welcoming Refugees in Europe: responding to an unprecedented refugee crisis’, co-hosted by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on 20th October 2015.

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The recent large number of those from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq arriving into Europe forces our society to reaffirm its commitment to solidarity, the protection of human rights and of the right to asylum.    The lack of legal routes to access protection in Europe, including resettlement opportunities, have left hundreds of thousands without any prospect of building a dignified future for themselves and their families.  As arrivals continue to increase and new mechanisms to receive refugees are discussed, the role of European towns and cities in providing reception, welcome and integration for the many refugees arriving into Europe becomes ever more crucial.

In recent months, a burst of welcoming initiatives have spread across Europe, enabling positive expressions of citizens’ support for refugee protection, despite the very often negative public and political discourse concerning refugees and migration.  Via debates and interventions from actors from across Europe working on initiatives to build awareness and welcome refugees, in addition to presentations by the main actors and networks that are supporting reception and integration, the SHARE Network Conference will seek to build on this groundswell of support to welcome refugees in Europe. 

Bringing together 100 participants drawn from European regional and local authorities, civil society organisations and networks, previously resettled refugees, national governments, international organisations and European institutions, the conference programme will:

  • Provide an update on the new resettlement and relocation measures and, as far as possible, reflect on the operational measures to implement them.
  • Discuss planning for sustainable reception and integration arrangements in the context of current relocation and resettlement proposals.
  • Present the learning and resources generated by the SHARE Network, and the activities of SHARE partners and stakeholders in refugee reception, protection and integration in Europe.
  • Highlight the many grassroots, citizen-based initiatives to welcome refugees and asylum seekers to Europe and explore potential synergies with regular reception systems for refugees.
  • Enable partners, participants and stakeholders of the SHARE Network to endorse the ‘Charter of Principles on Reception & Welcome’.

To register your interest in attending the conference, please go to the conference registration page.  For more information about the SHARE Network or the planned conference, please contact Rachel Westerby ( or Magdalena Boehm ( at ICMC Europe.