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Good practices and migrant and refugee participation in responses to COVID-19 in rural areas, Cepaim Foundation, Spain

Fundación Cepaim is an independent, cohesive and sustainable organisation that responds to social dynamics related to migration and social exclusion processes. Click here to read reflections from Cepaim staff working in the field on their responses to COVID-19 in rural areas.





Coordination and collaboration between associations, ADR La Rioja Suroriental, Spain

The Association for Rural Development of La Rioja Suroriental is a Local Action Group made up of different town councils, associations and groups operating in 49 mainly rural municipalities of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja. Coordination and collaboration between association... read more


Significant institutional response to COVID-19, Comisión de Ayuda al Refugiado en Euskadi, Spain

In the Basque Country, asylum seekers are hosted in reception facilities operated within the national Spanish asylum reception system and the Basque government's reception system. To ensure residents of both systems were able to protect themselves against infection and comply with COVID-19 public health measures, the Basque government ensured... read more



The "Volunteer Caregivers" initiative, Cepaim Foundation, Alzira, Spain

In Alzira, the remote accompaniment of migrants arrived by sea via telephone, WhatsApp and visits to the reception flats has been possible thanks to CEPAIM “volunteer caregivers” (cuidadores voluntarios). Volunteer caregivers spare individuals of a similar age to beneficiaries, with a good command of Spanish and knowledge of the Spanish administrative system... read more





Online Information and participation during COVID-19, Cepaim Foundation, Cartaya and Lepe, Spain


During the first lockdown Cepaim in Cartaya and Lepe conducted weekly workshops (online and face-to-face) and produced audiovisual materials to disseminate information on COVID-19 public health and infection control measures among asylum seekers and migrants included within their humanitarian care project. Additionally, Cepaim facilitated the online participation... read more