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New & adapted integration services & support, Karditsa Development Agency (ANKA), GREECE

Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA) implements programmes and projects for the in the rural and urban areas of Karditsa district in Greece, including accommodation and integration initiatives for asylum seekers and refugees. ANKA implemented a number of new approaches and activities in response to COVID-19...read more






Refugee and migrant volunteer health key persons, Pharos Foundation, The Netherlands

Key persons work inspecific health areas of relevance to refugee and migrant communities, such as FGM, healthy living, psychologicalhealth and palliative care. From the outset of COVID-19, key persons were deployed to disseminate information...read more


Assisting refugees and asylum seekers without a reception accomodation place, MOSAICO Actions for Refugees, Italy

MOSAICO - Actions for Refugees is a refugee-led organisation founded in Turin, Italy in 2006 to support refugees in their process of integration, promote their rights and raise awareness on the subject of migration. From the start of the pandemic, MOSAICO provided the following for refugees and asylum seekers without a reception accommodation place... read more




Cooperation & clustered accomodation to reduce exposure to COVID-19, Consorzio Communitas, Italy

Italy has a well-established national network of accommodation and support for asylum seekers and refugees, provided via the SIPROIMI network, civil society partners and faith-based organisations. This strong cooperation network enabled a swift and effective pandemic response, putting in place a range of measures ensure the safety of people hosted in reception accommodation while continuing to provide... read more


The "Volunteer Caregivers" initiative, Cepaim Foundation, Alzira, Spain

In Alzira, the remote accompaniment of migrants arrived by sea via telephone, WhatsApp and visits to the reception flats has been possible thanks to Cepaim “volunteer caregivers” (cuidadores voluntarios). Volunteer caregivers spare individuals of a similar age to beneficiaries, with a good command of Spanish and knowledge of the Spanish administrative system... read more




French language classes online, Entraide Pierre Valdo and partners, France

During the first lockdown in France, two partners of Entraide Pierre Valdo, the association Le Saint-Jean and the Diaconat Protestant Drôme-Ardèche, offered French courses via WhatsApp to asylum seekers and refugees. This practice was then partially taken up by Entraide Pierre Valdo and other partners, according to their capacities and the equipment available. The main objectives of these courses were... read more