Adult Refugee Programme - Yearbook 2010/2011

National Adult Refugee Programme

The Adult Refugee Programme  is open to all those with refugee status. This is interpreted as being in possession of a valid Green Card with a stamp 4. Participation in the Programme is available for a period of up to 6 months, 20 hours per week. This does not necessarily have to be continuous and in very general terms translates to approximately 460 hours for each Programme participant. There are 2 distinct types of classes that are operated; those as part of initial assistance to Programme Refugees resettled in Ireland (programme is available for 1 year) and those in areas identified with a significant population of refugees.

The purpose of the Programme is to assist as best possible in a process of integration into Irish society and at all times during the Programme participants must be actively seeking employment. The Programme offers assistance in 3 ways:

  • up-skilling English language ability,
  • assistance in accessing the work/study place and,
  • through social activities, an increase in the understanding of both the culture and the general characteristics of Ireland.

The programme runs short-term, part-time courses for refugees, courses specifically designed to better enable participants to effectively integrate into Irish society, both from a language and from a social and cultural perspective.

The programme also delivers an intensive induction course to newly arriving Programme Refugees in partnership with the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality. This 6 week course is completed prior to the refugees moving to their permanent location.