Amir's volunteering - a study on volunteering as a pathway to social inclusion for young asylum seekers and refugees

Could more be done to strengthen young asylum seekers’ and refugees’ inclusion into European society?
Could participation in voluntary service provide a tool to achieve this, and what would be required to make this a reality, both practically and structurally?
These questions form the core of the project entitled Volunteering for Social Inclusion (VSI) - a social experimental, comparative study of voluntary service as a possible way towards young asylum seekers’ and refugees’ social inclusion, financed by the EU and implemented in a bilateral cooperation between the Danish Red Cross and the British Red Cross during the period from September 2011 - September 2013.

This report presents the results of the VSI study of the experiences of young asylum seekers and refugees as volunteers in a Danish and Scottish context. To a large extent, the topic is seen from the young people's own perspective, based on their own considerations, thoughts and experiences. The overall opportunities and barriers faced by young asylum seekers and refugees during social inclusion though voluntary service, identified in the report, will relate to a broader European context. The report will conclude with a number of recommendations for both EU institutions and individual EU Member States.