'Ein neuer anfang für flüchtlinge!' New resettlement resource for Austria

The Austrian Red Cross - together with UNHCR Austria, CARITAS, Diakonie and IOM Vienna - has produced a new resource promoting refugee resettlement and advocating for an Austrian refugee resettlement programme.

Austria, a country with one of the highest standards of living in Europe, does not currently receive resettled refugees.  Public awareness and understanding of resettlement is relatively low, and large-scale public debate on Austrian involvement in refugee resettlement has not yet taken place.  In the framework of the 'Linking-In' and SHARE projects, a coalition of national NGOs led by the Austrian Red Cross has therefore worked together with UNHCR, ICMC, IOM and the wider European Resettlement Network to produce the „Resettlement: Ein neuer Anfang für Flüchtlinge!" brochure.  This new resource explains global refugee resettlement needs and processes, advocates for an Austrian national refugee resettlement programme and sets out the European resettlement expertise and experience that is available to Austrian actors via the European Resettlement Network members and SHARE Network cities.

Click here to download a copy of the brochure directly from the Austrian Red Cross website.