Labour Market Training with SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) -video

Labour market training project:

Labour Market Training with SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) is a model of that combines professional and vocational training with Swedish language-learning. The model has had notable success in the County of Gävleborg in terms of getting newcomers to Sweden into employment, enabling them to live independently and aiding their integration into Swedish society.

The training is run collaboratively by Gävleborg County Administrative Board, the Swedish Public Employment Service and the ten Municipal Boards within the County. The training is adapted to meet the needs of resettled refugees and other newcomers to Sweden, and is somewhat longer than the standard Swedish labour market training - 20-60 weeks depending on the professional area, with 25 hours of professional training and 15 hours of Swedish training every week.

The following film gives an insight into the training programme and introduces two former resettled refugees who have benefited from the programme.