The New Life is Just Like the New Year

'The New Life is Just Like the New Year' explores the integration challenges and opportunities that resettlement presents for those refugees arriving into European towns and cities, and how resettlement actors working at all levels can collaborate and innovate to support long-term integration and settlement. 

The programme draws on interviews with representatives from City of Sanctuary (UK), the Foundation for Assisting Refugee Students (UAF, in the Netherlands), the global ICORN city network, ICMC Europe and UNHCR's Bureau for Europe to discuss volunteering, mobilising support for resettlement amongst local authorities and citizens, and the role of local actors such as schools and universities in supporting the integration process.  Abdulkareem Abdulkareem, an Iraqi engineer resettled to Munich with his family in 2009, also contributes his thoughts and reflections on the importance of adequate preparation and support for the long-term integration of resettled refugees in Europe.