Promising practices in pre-departure orientation

IOM provides pre‐departure cultural orientation training courses for refugees accepted for resettlement. Over the past 20 years, IOM has conducted courses for over 350,000 refugees at more than 60 locations.

Cultural orientation prepares refugees by providing practical information on country of destination, and assists refugees in setting realistic goals and developing the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in their new environment. IOM works closely with governments to identify the key priority messages and values that are critical for refugees’ successful resettlement. Predeparture orientation is designed to assist refugees to develop realistic expectations and to become selfsufficient more quickly. Courses by IOM’s multilingual, multi‐ethnic trainers help refugees anticipate integration challenges and facilitate their transition into the receiving society. Topics addressed in the orientation include housing, health, money management, role of settlement service providers, education, cultural adaptation, rights and responsibilities, and others. Upon request, IOM conducts needs assessments and produces cultural profiles of new refugee populations designed to help service providers better plan for their arrival.