Resettlement in the Netherlands - interviews with Bhutanese refugees

‘Refugees’ are often referred to in the media and public in negative, or pitiful words. Without even making the distinction between refugees and asylum seekers, they are o! en described as a
homogenous group that abuse the welfare system, or as helpless victims. With this report, GHRD want to emphasise that they areneither. Indeed, as per definition, refugees have been victims of
human rights violations; however, they are neither helpless nor do they owe their gratitude. They are individuals, who have lived through alot of hardship, and now they have the right to assistance.

In order to increase public and political support for refugees and resettlement programmes, there is a need for objective reporting, and to better emphasise this aspect. There is a need to report from
the refugees’ own points of view, an opinion shared by several of the agencies involved with the resettlement.