Video Interview Pilot

The possibility of conducting interviews using Video Interview were discussed at a meeting of the project entitled “Practical co-operation in EU resettlement” of the IOM, UNHCR and ICMC held from 8 - 10 March 2010. The IND took the initiative in connection with the above. A pilot was performed with refugees in the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Romania. Other countries were afforded the opportunity to join this pilot. The Hungarian government had two observers participate in the mission.

The objective of the Video Interview Pilot is to examine whether time and costs can be saved using this technology, while retaining the quality of the interview.

This memorandum describes the preparation and implementation of this pilot. Conclusions and recommendations are formulated on the basis thereof.

The following questions had to be answered in order to perform the pilot:
• What are the (minimum) technical requirements?
• What minimum requirements should the setting of the interview satisfy?
• What requirements does video interviewing impose on the interviewer?