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Syrian Refugees in Iraq - 2013
Syrian Refugees in Turkey - 2013
Syrian Refugees in Egypt - 2013
France's Humanitarian Corridors - Memorandum of Understanding France
Emergency Transit Centre, Romania Romania
80 Refugees Resettled to Spain Under New Asylum Law Spain
Preparing for Syrian Resettlement webinar Ethiopian Community Development Council
The Lost Boys of Sudan - part 1 60 Minutes
The Lost Boys of Sudan - part 2 60 Minutes
Europe, now it is your turn to act Amnesty International
The Proposed EU Resettlement Framework: Position Paper Amnesty International
Increasing Congolese Refugee Arrivals: Insights for Preparation Andrew Fuys, Associate Director for International Programs, CWS & Sandra Vines, Associate Director for Resettlement & Integration, CWS
Carlow Rohingya Resettlement Programme Aoife Titley Ireland
'Ein neuer anfang für flüchtlinge!' New resettlement resource for Austria Austrian Red Cross, UNHCR Austria, CARITAS, Diakonie, IOM Vienna Austria
Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Establishing a Union Resettlement Framework and Amending Regulation (EU) No 516/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council: Joint Comments Paper by NGOs Caritas Europa, Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME), European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC Europe), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Red Cross EU Office
Legale Zugangswege für Schutzsuchende: Europas Flüchtlingspolitik am Wendepunkt? (Legal Access Avenues for Refugees: Europe's Refugee Policy at a Turning Point?) - Conference Report Caritas Germany and UNHCR
Rifugiato a Casa Mia (Refugee at My Home) - Webpage Caritas Italy Italy
Economic Impact of Refugees in the Cleveland Area CHMURA Economics & Analytics
How to sponsor a refugee CIC, Government of Canada
Sponsor Refugees - Website Citizen UK UK
Evaluation of the Overseas Orientation Initiatives - Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Comment se déroule la sélection des réfugiés dans le cadre de la réinstallation? Commissariat Général aux réfugiés et aux apatrides (CGRA) - BELGIUM Belgium
Situation des réfugiés palestiniens et irakiens dans la région Commissariat Général aux réfugiés et aux apatrides (CGRA) - BELGIUM Belgium
Introducing Community Sponsorship - Video Community Sponsorship UK
Spain will welcome 30 refugees in 2013 and 2014 as part of its resettlement programme Consejo de Ministros Spain